• Nongak

    Nongak originated from communal rites and rustic entertainments that promoted harmony as people gathered to pray for peace and prosperity.
    It has evolved into a representative performing art genre of Korea, widely performed and enjoyed by all Koreans.

  • Ganggangsullae Circle Dance

    Korea and the rest of East Asia, engaged in rice farming for several millennia, have formed a rice culture that can be compared to the wheat culture
    of Europe. Ganggangsullae is one of the most representative seasonal rituals of Korea’s rice farming ...

  • Dance of Cheoyong

    Cheoyongmu refers to a court dance performed by five dancers in five directions (west, east, north, south, and center). Hence it is also called Obang
    (quintet) Cheoyongmu. It is unique in that it is the only form of a court dance performed using human masks. Designated Important ...

  • Falconry

    Falconry is the traditional activity of keeping and training falcons and other raptors to take quarry in its natural state. Originally a way of obtaining
    food, falconry is today identified with camaraderie and sharing rather than subsistence. Falconry is mainly found along migration flyways ...

  • Jultagi, tightrope walking

    Tightrope walking is a widespread form of entertainment that in most countries focuses purely on acrobatic skill. The traditional Korean performing art
    of Jultagi is distinctive in that it is accompanied by music and witty dialogue between the tightrope ...


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