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‘National Intangible Heritage Center’

Unlike material cultural heritage, ICH (Intangible Cultural Heritage) is ‘living cultural Heritage’, which is practiced and passed down by human through history.

NIHC (National Intangible Heritage Center) is the first complex administrative institution for safeguarding and transmission of korean ICH.

NIHC is consist of various facilities such as permanent/special exhibition galleries, performance halls, archives, international conference rooms, learning spaces.

The primary roles of NIHC are safeguarding, transmitting, and fostering ICH through research, archiving, exhibitions, performances, educational programs, support for the Masters of ICH, and extension of the market of traditional crafts.

NIHC will be a hub of Korean ICH and a core of international network of ICH. NIHC actively cooperates with Asian-Pacific nations, nations of Africa, Europe, and America.

The true owners of NIHC are successors of ICH and the people. NIHC focuses upon providing the most valuable experience about ICH to our visitors. Thank you very much.

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National Intangible Heritage Center

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